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A comprehensive eye examination is the surest way to identify the cause of your vision problems. In addition to utilizing the latest technology, our staff has years of experience with a variety of eye problems and issues. We are committed to providing the highest level of care to each and every one of our patients.

The examination is a thorough, step wise process which determines the cause of your current problem.  The result of this process is the first step in choosing the appropriate treatment options for a variety of eye problems, such as:


Refractive Eye Problems

- Myopia - Nearsightedness
- Hyperopia - Farsightedness
- Astigmatism
- Presbyopia

Eyelid Problems and Infections

- Ptosis - Drooped lids
- Blepharitis & Meibomian Gland Disorders
- Chalazia - Styes
- Blepharospasm - Lid Spasm
- Hemifacial Spasm
- Botox Treatments

Eye Movement Disorders

- Double Vision
- Strabismus - Cross Eyes
- Nystagmus

Dry Eye & Tear Duct Disorders

- Corneal and Conjunctival Disorders
-  Inflammation, Growths, Hemmorhages

Anterior Segment Disorders

- Iritis
- Cataracts
- Elevated Eye Pressure/ Glaucoma

Diseases of the Retina, Macula and Blood Vessels

- Lightning Flashes
- Floaters
- Loss of Vision
- Retinal Detachment
- Macula Degeneration
- Other Disorders

Symptoms and Disorders Associated with Other Medical & Neurological Conditions

- Light Sensitivity
- Pain
- Visual Disturbances
- Headache
- Decrease or Loss of Vision
- Double Vision

Our goal is to properly diagnose and treat whatever problem is bothering the individual patient.  We will take the time to make sure the appropriate treatment is chosen and that the patient understands their situation and treatment options.

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